Whole Chicken Pasture Raised (CUT UP) Deposit Only

This is the DEPOSIT ONLY. 


PRICE PER POUND = $9.00 lb for Whole Chicken ( Cut Up)




1 order for 4 cut up birds will include:


4 Bone in Thighs per pack (2 packages)


4 Drumsticks per pack (2 packages)


8 Wings per pack (1 package)


2 Breast per pack (4 packages)


4 Back Bones (1 package) great for homemade chicken bone broth!


Remainder of price calculated by exact weight and due at pick up.


Deposit is non-refundable.


100 % PASTURE RAISED - Our chickens taste better, and are raised in harmony with nature. They are moved to fresh grass daily, never given drugs or antibiotics, and recieve supplemental Organic Non-GMO feed. Oven roast with potatoes, carrots, onion. Butterfly and Grill with Lemon, Garlic, and Butter and save your bones for homemade nutritious Chicken Bone Broth.

Whole Chicken Pasture Raised (CUT UP) Deposit Only

  • Size varies between 4 lbs - 5 lbs. PICK UP ONLY.

  • We do not accept returns of any products and deposits are non-refundable.