CSA PACK (10 Whole Chickens)

This CSA membership makes you a key supporter of our farm! 


This includes 2 of our Pasture Raised Whole Chickens reserved for you at each of our 5 pick up days. (THIS IS ONLY A DEPOSIT)


June 21st = 2 Whole Chickens

July 26th = 2 Whole Chickens

August 30th = 2 Whole Chickens

October 4th = 2 Whole Chickens


That comes to 2 Whole Chicken a month from the end of may until October!


100 % PASTURE RAISED - Our chickens taste better, and are raised in harmony with nature. They are moved to fresh grass daily, never given drugs or antibiotics, and recieve supplemental Non-GMO feed. Oven roast with potatoes, carrots, onion. Butterfly and Grill with Lemon, Garlic, and Butter and save your bones for homemade nutritious Chicken Bone Broth.


This is the DEPOSIT ONLY. 


PRICE PER POUND = $6.85 lb for Whole Chicken


Remainder of price calculated by exact weight and due at pick up.


Deposit is non-refundable.


CSA PACK (10 Whole Chickens)