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     As stewards of the land our calling is to build healthy soil through regenerative grazing practices, providing the most nutritious pasture raised foods for our community. It is our mission, through a holistic practice, to show that regenerative farming is not only necessary for us to provide healthy food for our families and our communities, but also essential to the health and life of this beautiful planet and all its creatures.


     Without a healthy ecosystem, life cannot flourish as it was intended to. It is our mission to work in harmony with nature, using rotational grazing. To build nutrient dense, living soil, restoring perennial growth and draw down carbon.


     Through the use of our pasture raised poultry we will begin the process.


     Chickens are raised on pasture from the time they leave the Chick Brooder at 3-4 weeks old. Using mobile chicken homes, with open air access, and shelter from heat and predators, our chickens thrive with plenty of room to forage through fresh grass daily.

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