Our Regenerative Journey

     I have always had a connection to the natural world. Growing up in Southern Rhode Island and New Hampshire I was introduced to agriculture early on first through my grandmother, an illustrator and homesteader who lived off grid on her blueberry farm in Maine and raised sheep for wool. Of course there was Mr. Piggy a family favorite, and Amber her closest friend and canine companion. In New Hampshire, through the community and my parents commitment to see my brother and I grow in a positive environment, I began to learn from those at Four Corners Farm (Temple-Wilton Community Farm)

one of the oldest CSAs in the country. Throughout school I continued that connection electing to study naturalists techniques, developing skills in tracking and animal signs, identifying local plant life and building sustainable shelters and working on the farm at the Hilltop Cafe. It all came together when my Step-Father, Steve Normanton, began a grass fed and holistically managed farm in New Hampshire, Normanton Farms. I began to work there and learn first hand about holistic and regenerative practices. I was witness to the regeneration of a previously tilled abandoned vegetable patch, into lush fields and woods teaming with life and abundant plant growth. All from raising animals humanely in concert with nature and all her supremely built systems. As the world around began to shift, it became so clear, the importance of this lifelong pursuit to change our food systems for the better and sustain a healthy, reciprocal relationship with the natural world. Now, stepping out on my own, I am eager for the challenge of starting a new holistic and regenerative farm and ranch on what was once a thriving dairy farm in Warren, RI and beyond excited to continue to learn and share what I discover with along the way.